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Silk by Emma Kate

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A collection of poetry, prose & short stories.

We often forget that we are human.
It’s okay to feel lost for a while,
As long as you collect a few sprinkles of magic along the way,
To remind you that despite what felt like a futile wandering,
Was one filled with pockets of hope & vision for the future.
Always keep some of that sparkling dust around.

Emma Kate is a Melbourne-based writer who tries to see the magic in the ordinary. She believes that every period of your life holds something significant; even those transitional years of confusion and self-doubt. Her writing explores the various intricacies of human connection, love, loss, family, friendship, mental health, belonging, clarity and acceptance. Viewing the world through glossy eyes, focussing on any speck of sparkling dust that she can find, has enabled her to compile a collection of raw pieces that remind us of what we are capable of and what may await us, despite our circumstances.

Bibliographic information:

Title Silk
Author Emma Kate
Edition Illustrated
Publisher Emma Kate Publishing
ISBN 978 0 646 82403 1
Length 216 pages

Designed & Printed in Melbourne Australia